• What types of cards does Bank of Jordan Syria issue?

    ATM Cards
  • How can I attain a ATM Card from Bank Of Jordan Syria?

    To attain the exclusive Bank of Jordan Syria ATM card, you just need to visit the nearest branch and open a demand or payroll account and fill the special application and send. As we seek to help you with the shortest time possible, please assure the following:

    • Assure that you have filled in all needed information and that you have written not available beside any item that is not applicable in your case.
    • To enclose the following:
    1. A copy of the national identification card or passport for you and for any extra card holder.
    2. Issuing branch.
    3. Account number/ numbers which customer wants to links with card.
  • What should I do in case of card loss / or being robbed?

    Immediately call: Your branch
  • Do you charge any commission when a cash withdrawal process from your ATM takes place?

    When using the ATM of Bank of Jordan Syria, no commission is charged, while when using the CSC network a sum of 40 SYP is charged for each operation. Therefore it is advisable to avoid using any other networks.